The Kenya House concept is inspired by the architecture of the Elmolo community. The El Molo are the smallest ethnic group in Kenya, living on the southeastern shore of Lake Turkana. The woven rim around the top of the house is used to increase the stability of the thatch in the extremely windy region the El Molo occupy.

The house features 4 doors reminiscent of the hand carved, wooden Swahili heritage doors of Lamu Island.

The landscape featured here is the Lake Turkana Basin, the Cradle of all Mankind!

Kenya House encapsulates the best of our past and future. It celebrates a Nation that is grounded in its cultural heritage, but also, one that is forward thinking and very modern. Kenya House depicts our warmth, our resilience, our innovation and our ability to adapt quite fast in the face of adversity.

Kenya House is the true spirit of Kenya!

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